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A versatile AVI/MPEG to PAL/NTSC converter.
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August 19, 2001: Initial public prerelease. (version 0.0.1pre)


Avi2mjpg is an AVI/MPEG to PAL/NTSC converter. It can crop, scale, add borders, add subtitles, telecine/3:2 pulldown, inverse telecine, change the samplerate of the sound, display the current frame on your buz,DC10(+),LML33 and more. And it is free software. See COPYING for details.

You can use this program, for example, to convert a 24fps DivX DVD backup to MJPEG for playback on your PAL/NTSC TV (with subtitles, if you want) with synchronous sound. Other common framerates are also supported. Full NTSC<->PAL is not supported.

It is a console app, but nevertheless here is the obligatory screenshot.

You need the avifile library. Preferably 0.53.5, but the latest 0.6-CVS should work too. See http://avifile.sourceforge.net.


Here is a copy of the manpage of avi2mjpg. The README and the FAQ are also available.


Here is the latest official prerelease of avi2mjpg. Note that is is a development version. It works for me but it may not work for you. Local copy: avi2mjpg-0.0.1pre.tar.bz2.


Here is a link to the excellent avifile library. This program uses the subtitle code from mplayer. The libmpeg3 library by Adam Williams is included in this distribution, as is the standard jpeg library from the Independent JPEG group (with MMX enhancements Gernot Ziegler?). The JPEG library is downloadable from http://mjpeg.sourceforge.net. Finnally a link to my other free software project newsleech.


You can reach the author at snel@phys.uu.nl.

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